Just a thought on primaries and future elections

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I’m sure that we have all heard people say things like “I’ve been a member of ___ party for ___ years.”  Replace the blanks with either Republican/Democrat  and the some long amount of time.  I think those days should be in the past, and Americans should consider a new idea.  When a Democrat is in the white house, all Americans should register with the Republican party, and vice versa.


The reason is simple.  Imagine that you had to choose between two candidates for president.  You decide which one you would prefer pretty easily.  Now, would you prefer the second candidate to be the polar opposite of your choice, or would you prefer them to me as similar as possible?

That is basically the system that we live in.  If you want to vote for Obama in November, is it worth of a few moments of your time to change your party and vote in your primary?  Now a days most states have forms to fill out on their web sites to register with a different party.

You may be of the opinion that none of the Republican candidates are remotely close to Obama.  That’s your opinion to have, and if you’d like, you can take this concept and implement the opposite strategy.  If you are so certain that Obama is the right choice, then you could register in the primary to try and nominate the least electable candidate.  That’s also your freedom in our system.

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