Spring cleaning starts a little early this year

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So it is only the end of January, but Stacy and I decided to do some elbows-deep spring cleaning on Sunday. We went thru each of our closets, pulled out the items that we don’t wear anymore, and this went into two piles. Goodwill and eBay. Actually only my things went to eBay, and the rest of my stuff and all of her stuff went to Goodwill.

We dropped off two large bags of clothes at the Sunnyvale Goodwill location, and the rest is now bagged up and waiting to bring it over.

As for the shirts going on eBay, I have about 30 shirts and sweatshirts from various bands and record labels that I thought might be worth more on eBay than by bringing them to Goodwill. So for the items that sell, I am going to be putting that towards February’s charity donation.

You can find all of the eBay auctions by . Some of them are rare and probably somewhat valuable, and others not so much. But even if you buy a shirt for a few bucks and use it to polish your shoes, I’ll be putting the money to a good cause.

The charity for February is the SFSPCA. We recently adopted a new dog Sophia a few months ago from the SFSPCA. Previously, Stacy and I had donated to the MSPCA at our wedding, but now that we are living out in California, we’ve decided to keep the donations local. Much like all animal welfare operations, the SFSPCA needs more money to operate optimally, so we are trying to do our part.

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